War Tour Murder Mysteries

War Tour Murder Mysteries

Do you enjoy a good murder mystery? Are you also interested in twentieth century military or social history? If so, you’ll probably enjoy one of our self- guided, war tour murder mysteries.

Set within historic cities can of the north-west, our tours offer you the opportunity to collect virtual evidence in a fictional murder mystery, within the streets of very real wartime cities. You’ll encounter characters from the first and second world wars, as storytelling is blended with real events, through the use of actors, sound effects and atmospheric music.

Our self-guided murder mysteries allow you to explore cities, in an immersive way, transporting you into the past and challenging your ingenuity and imagination.

Whilst respecting those real-life heroes serving abroad and living their daily lives on the home front, our app-based tours are designed to deliver both history and mystery.

But, the question remains…

...Which one will you do first?

Lancaster, 1916


Join Arthur Eccleston, correspondent f London’s Pall Mall Gazette, as he attempts to solve a murder case in Lancaster.

Chester, 1914


Join Lancashire grocers TD Smith as he gets caught up in a high-profile murder case in Chester.

Tours can be conducted any time, on your own or with a group of friends. All you need is a phone. We collaborate with VoiceMap, an app which uses GPS to track your tour.

Should you wish to visit any of the attractions that you'll pass on route, we advise taking your tour during the daytime. Or, if you're looking for a more atmospheric experience, you could explore Lancasters historical streets at night.

Click on the link below to purchase a tour, download the content and enjoy the history of a truly stunning city.


Death of Queen Victoria

First cinema opens in Carlisle

Lord Ashton completes "England's grandest monument", the Ashton Memorial in Lancaster

Start of the Great War

- Carlisle given county borough status

George V visits Chester, Lancaster & Carlisle

- Chester's Aerodrome taken over by the Royal Flying Corps


End of the Great War

Treaty of Versailles

Electric trams replaced by buses in Chester, Lancaster & Carlisle

Lancaster becomes a City

Phyllis Brown becomes
Chester's first female mayor

Start of the Second World War

Christmas Blitz air raids in Manchester

Lancaster women required to register for wartime work Most destructive year of Liverpool Blitz

Chester Home Guard disbanded

End of Second World War
Isa Graham becomes Carlisle’s first female mayor

Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II

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