Virtual Walking Tours

Virtual Walking Tour

In addition to face-to-face walking tours with a costumed guide, we also offer an app based, self-guided virtual walking tour of Lancaster, set during World War I.

Our virtual tour is designed to allow you the freedom to explore the city at your own pace. What makes our virtual tour different is the way the user is encouraged  to look at the stops on the route in an immersive, caught-in-the-moment way.

Why not give it a go?


Lancaster War Tour -
A murder mystery and historical walk set in WW1

Tours can be conducted any time, on your own or with a group of friends. All you need is a phone. We collaborate with VoiceMap, an app which uses GPS to track your tour.

Should you wish to visit any of the attractions that you'll pass on route, we advise taking your tour during the daytime. Or, if you're looking for a more atmospheric experience, you could explore Lancasters historical streets at night.

Click on the link below to purchase a tour, download the content and enjoy the history of a truly stunning city.

Welcome to the heart of Red Rose County! On this walking tour through Lancaster, you‘ll take in the city‘s historical sites, hear how it fared in World War I, and take part in a fun murder-mystery game. You‘ll join the fictitious Arthur Eccleston, a Pall Mall Gazette correspondent, as he guides you through a murder investigation set against the backdrop of the First World War. Together, we’ll time-travel to the year 1916, gathering clues and questioning suspects in the terrible case of Peter Hodgson‘s murder...

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Death of Queen Victoria

First cinema opens in Carlisle

Lord Ashton completes "England's grandest monument", the Ashton Memorial in Lancaster

Start of the Great War

- Carlisle given county borough status

George V visits Chester, Lancaster & Carlisle

- Chester's Aerodrome taken over by the Royal Flying Corps


End of the Great War

Treaty of Versailles

Electric trams replaced by buses in Chester, Lancaster & Carlisle

Lancaster becomes a City

Phyllis Brown becomes
Chester's first female mayor

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