The Historiographer’s Heritage

Are you an academic, in need of somewhere peaceful for research and to discuss new ideas with others?

Does your charity need a permanent, adaptable space to host fundraisers?

Want to experience the entertainments of the past first-hand, knowing that they have been vigorously researched beforehand?

Then look no further!

A concept sketch for the heritage centre.

The Historiographer’s Heritage is an innovative new scheme that aims at establishing a national heritage centre and attraction that will turn our misconceptions about the past upside down through three initial objectives.

The first is to appeal to the general public by providing an interactive ride through immersive historic British environments, past photo-realistic tableaus, with a choice of tour as you travel.

Like a tour bus, you will have the option to disembark at one of five stops for a variety of experiences.

Care to watch live combatants in gladiatorial games?
Feast on the food of the vikingr in a mead hall?
Explore a regency shopping arcade?

You can, safe in the knowledge that these experiences have been based upon authentic historical research.

The second is to provide a functional floor space for seasonal events, conferences and charity fundraisers, set within a fresh, country landscape.

From woodland school nature trails through farmer’s markets to live theatrical and musical performances, we function as a charity in our own right and work collaboratively to bring together various heritage groups and organisations in common purpose.

The third will branch the gap between populist and academic history by way of a library, museum and antiques centre, amidst spacious lecture halls and study rooms.

Historical interpreters of quality, historians and even amateur enthusiasts can share their knowledge and passion for the past with others.

Want to make this vision of the past a future reality?

Then join us, the Historiographers, at ‘The Historiographer’s Heritage’ to raise money and awareness, educate and entertain.

With your help, we can fuel this vision for the future andfinally experience history the way our ancestors did.
This is the new norm…at the Historiographers Heritage.

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